Unleashing the power of data to solve crimes

Cybercheck Case is an indispensable resource for solving criminal cases and bringing closure to families. Designed by data intelligence experts, our AI powered solution is a powerful tool in the workflow of police organizations throughout North America. Easy to navigate with an intuitive interface, Cybercheck uncovers a wealth of investigative intelligence oriented around your cases.


5 Layer Authentication

Our intelligence passes through five layers of analysis where each layer must agree with all other layers generating high confidence in the case report findings.

Zero Effort Reporting

Get case reports with qualified investigative leads, including time correlated associations with social media usernames, email addresses, phone numbers, locations, signaling devices and more.  You enter the case details, Cybercheck delivers the report.  Get notifications of progress and conclusion via e-mail or SMS.

Real-Time and Historical Data

Broad data sources are used to build narrative case reports, Cybercheck doesn’t store data sets, the Internet is our data set. Get location, movement, signaling, and cyber profile data with rich context and correlation to crime scenes and relationships.

24/7 Support

Receive unparalleled 24/7 case support, training and guidance regarding data input or interpretation of results.  Enabled with command-line access to Cybercheck’s powerful AI, our Real Time Operations Center is able to provide support for pressing and urgent activities such as fugitive manhunts, witness locates, or missing persons.