Get a 24/7 real-time AI Threat Analyst working for you

Detect leaked data and compromised users and identify when, where and how a breach is unfolding. We tell you what user IDs, data, and systems are involved and what credentials were used to access it.  In addition, Cybercheck Detect will also give you rich context on where in the dark web your information is seen and how it is being used. Using Cybercheck Detect, Security Operation Centers reduce the time it takes to identify and contain a breach.


Alert Portal or API

It’s your choice. Seamlessly integrate with your existing ticket system or SIEM or take a less intrusive approach and arm your cyber team with our web portal. We monitor from outside your organization so there’s nothing to install, you can get up and running in hours.

Deep and Dark Web

Go beyond the surface with deep and dark web intelligence. From chat room conversations to illegal content serving and access, nothing is hidden from Cybercheck.

Real-Time Analysis

Our AI performs real-time surface, deep, and dark web analysis looking for threats to your organization all without having to download and apply analytics against data sets. Cybercheck doesn’t store data sets, the Internet is our data set.

24/7 Monitoring

Get notified of threats in real-time, via SMS or email, no need to sit in front of a web console and wait for alerts. Actionable alerts mean you can act quickly to isolate and contain the situation.