How do you find information on a person

Our software searches all corners of the internet, whether surface or darkweb, regarding a suspect, victim or person of interest.   As the system gathers the information it builds a profile detailing the information obtained regarding the individual, or group of individuals, and delivers it to the end user in a story narrative approach.

What information is needed to find a person

The system needs as little as one piece of information as an input.  Examples range from name, address, photo, IP address, email, phone number or online alias.

What is Cybercheck Case?

Cybercheck Case is a real-time and historical investigative and intelligence platform capable of collecting, processing and analyzing unique data sets throughout all corners of the internet including the dark web. Cybercheck Case presents detailed intelligence around individuals and events as a narrative report.

What led to the creation of Cybercheck by Global Intelligence?

Hearing stories of those victimized by child exploitation and human trafficking, we felt compelled to bridge the gap. With experience in law enforcement, we saw technology could bridge between ethics, privacy, and the need for actionable intelligence in a safe, legal, and secure manner.

To How do you keep my portal data secure?

From infrastructure security through to application layer security, we deploy multiple levels and segregation controls which makes up our, and our clients, security zone models.  This includes detection (active), integrated encryption services, data classification within our data stores and active threat hunting against our public and internal exposure levels.

How do I get in contact for a free demo

To request your personalized demo with a member of our team please click here.