Empowering Law Enforcement with Advanced Data Intelligence

Major Crimes
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Empowering Law Enforcement with Advanced Data Intelligence

Major Crimes


Use Cybercheck to help identify suspects at the scene of a crime, or find key evidence away from the crime scene, such as weapons, discarded clothes, and behaviour patterns. Learn how CyberDNA makes it easier and faster to get warrants and close cases.


Narcotics investigations are complex and resource-consuming. Cybercheck provides only the information you need – confirmed aliases, known associates, and hot spots of narcotics distribution related to the investigation. Ask how we build probable cause using CyberDNA to distinguish between account owners and users. Cybercheck is becoming officers’ best weapon in the fight against narcotics trafficking.

Cold Cases

Over the past two decades, almost every crime scene has been enveloped in CyberDNA, this hidden digital evidence, waiting to be discovered. Leverage Cybercheck to assist with challenging cold cases, meticulously identifying, and analyzing these digital fragments relevant to a specific time, location, or even a body dump. Ask how we helped solve a 20-year-old homicide, with over 50,000 officer hours.

Cyber Threat Detection

Get a 24/7, real-time AI threat analyst working for you. Detect leaked data and compromised users and identify when, where and how a breach is unfolding. We tell you what user IDs, data, and systems are involved and what credentials were used to access it.  In addition, Cybercheck Detect will also give you rich context on where in the dark web your information is seen and how it is being used. Using Cybercheck Detect, Security Operation Centers reduce the time it takes to identify and contain a breach, even be alerted before the breach occurs.



Crimes involving children are especially heinous, and officers need all of the help available. Leverage our machine learning engines to quickly filter and classify CSAM content. Digitally map the network of those responsible, surface intelligence on content lifecycle from those who uploaded, downloaded and shared this content across the dark and deep web. Ask how our relationship with Operation Underground Railroad could help fund Cybercheck for your ICAC cases.

Human Trafficking

Cybercheck helps law enforcement narrow suspects and verify locations, trafficking routes, and known associates. In cases where the victims may be afraid to testify, the more hard evidence you have the greater your chance for conviction. Learn how we help you build a case using CyberDNA.

Real-Time Manhunt

Are you dealing with an urgent event like an active shooter or amber alert? Every second counts. Learn how Cybercheck can help support your team on the ground. Whether it’s finding the cyber profile of your suspect or locating key information during a live event; call our hotline for real-time analyst support.


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