“Using Cybercheck for part of our probable cause on an arrest warrant secured the arrest we needed.”

-Detective, City Police.  Florida

“You identified the location in real-time of several suspects for our detectives in the field.  A job well done.  We got them before they got to the Mexican border”.

-SGT.  City Police.  California

“Through CyberCheck surfacing the dark web escort sites being used to traffic women and children, we uncovered the largest sex trafficking ring in our region…ever”.

-Detective, City Police.  California

“Cybercheck allows us to process cases more efficiently when faced with years of old data”.

-Detective, County Sheriff’s Office.  North Carolina

“We were extremely impressed with the return on our case.  We had no suspects identified in the homicide and now we have two potential suspects to look at”

– LT.  City Police.  Illinois

“Without Cybercheck, no suspect would have been identified, or brought forward to serve justice, on the rape of several children”.

-LT.  City Police. Colorado

“Complements our existing law enforcement operations very well”.

-District Attorney, District Attorney’s Office.  New York

“This technology is the future of criminal investigations”.

– Detective, District Attorney’s Office.  Colorado

“We finally have a suspect in our eight-year-old cold case.  Thank you Cybercheck”.

– SGT.  City Police.  Minnesota