When it Comes to Adding Case Details, Keep them Tight

Cory Hartlen

May 9, 2024


When it Comes to Adding Case Details, Keep them Tight

May 9, 2024

Cory Hartlen


When it Comes to Case Details, Keep them Tight

Law enforcement agencies face numerous challenges when it comes to solving criminal cases. From gathering evidence to identifying suspects, the process can be time-consuming and complex. That’s where Cybercheck comes in. By entering case details and asking specific questions, users can advance their investigations and make breakthroughs in even the most challenging cases.

However, one common issue we see is agencies adding too many unnecessary details to the system. This overload of information can slow down the processing and lead to longer run times. To truly harness the power of our system, it’s crucial to keep the details simple and focused, cutting out any fluff and sticking to the basics.

For a successful report that leads to actionable intelligence, it’s essential to keep it simple. By including only the necessary information such as who, what, and when, law enforcement agencies can streamline their investigations and make significant progress in solving criminal cases.

Great Examples of Case Details & Asks

Example 1 Details,

The victim, Emily CURTIS – DATE of Birth 01/21/1985 Phone# 123456789, was shot multiple times in the basement of her home at 75 Stevenson Street. Also present inside the home at the time of the shooting was the victim’s stepfather, Donald SMITH Date of Birth- 09/21/1963 Phone# (716)388-9284.

Asks, What cyber profiles are found in the vicinity of 75 Stevenson Street (42.8552606, -78.8178016) on 12/27/2018 between 1812 hours and 1832 hours?

Example 2 Details,

On 05/28/2021 between 0110 hours and 0120 hours the victim Emily CURTIS W/F 11/05/1994 was shot multiple times in the rear driveway near the rear door of 123 Main St., which is were the victim lived.

Asks, Do you see Don SMITH’s cyber profile at 123 Main St. on 05/28/2021 between 0110 hours and 0120 hours? Do you see Emily CURTIS’ cyber profile at 123 Main St. on 05/28/2021 between 0110 hours and 0120 hours? The location of the Homicide was 42.908158° and -78.823558°.

Example 3 Details,

On November 13, 2021 while in the vicinity of 12 Main St. at approximately 0319 hours, Don SMITH, DOB 04/25/1989, residing at 5 Regent St. and John McDonald, DOB 02/25/1995, residing at 225 York St., both got shot while sitting in a parked vehicle. Don SMITH did die on scene.

Asks, What cyber profiles are seen in the vicinity of 42.899767°, -78.879736°. This is where the victims were sitting in their vehicle when shot. Possible suspect is a Robert Downey, DOB 03/21/1998.

Example 4 Details,

Cassidy Spencer, 8 years old, went missing sometime between April 1, 2016 and November 13, 2016. Cassidy Spencer was living at 123 Main St., with her stepmother Linda Smith, father Tony Son DOB 4-8-59. It is reported that Tony Son dropped Cassidy Spencer off with and associate named “tootie:” and was then arrested and sent to prison on November 14, 2016, however no one reported Cassidy Spencer as missing until the summer of 2019. Tony Son was in and out of jail during this time. All subjects had multiple phones.

Asks, Based on cyber profiles, detect anomalies that would align to participating in the disappearance of Cassidy Spencer. Based on Cyber profiles where is Cassidy Spencer’s body?

Example 5 Details,

On 1/30/2019 at approximately 11:47pm, the victim Conrad Clifford, DOB 12/25/1989 was notified by a neighbor that someone was burglarizing his company work van that was parked in the parking lot of their apartment complex located at 123 Main St. Conrad Clifford ran downstairs to the parking lot and confronted the burglary suspect(s) and was shot multiple times. Conrad Clifford died on scene. Witnesses report seeing a black male run through the parking lot immediately after the shooting and report seeing a vehicle driven by Hispanic male flee from the scene immediately after the shooting. John Smith, B/M, DOB 12/23/1996, was later identified as a suspect when his fingerprints were found in nearby vehicle that was also burglarized. It is believed that John Smith’s associates Kevin McDonald, H/M, DOB 4/13/99 or Ryan Grant, H/M, DOB 7/14/1995 may have been involved.

Asks, Is John Smith’s cyber profile seen at near 123 Main St. on 1/30/2019 between 23:35 and 23:59 hrs? Does Kevin McDonald or Ryan Grant’s Cyber profiles appear at near 123 Main St. on 1/30/2019 between 23:35 and 23:59 hrs?

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