10 years of deep machine learning makes the Cybercheck difference.

Our number one goal is to make a difference fighting crime.  Whether that’s supporting law enforcement investigations with critical investigation intelligence or helping to stop data breaches before they happen, it’s important to us. We do this ultimately to protect the innocent and support the prosecution of the guilty. No one deserves to be the victim of a crime and it’s especially devastating if you feel like you can’t do anything about it.  


With our powerful AI platform, you can be confident in the relevance and accuracy of the intelligence we surface. Cybercheck works in real time so that our clients can act quickly on the intelligence received. 

5 layer data verification

Cybercheck has five layers of intelligence. Each layer of intelligence progresses in sequential order to confirm or deny a link and based on that finding, continues to the next layer of information until an 80% confidence is reached. This sequence can run in forward or reverse depending on the case.


Traditional VS
AI Solving Speed

There’s a mountain of data to sift through. Weeks, months, even years when sorted manually. Automatic machine learning speeds investigations providing faster and more accurate results. The cost savings as compared to manual investigation time are enormous. Cybercheck pays for itself after only a few investigations when factoring time savings into your business case.

Our Products

You’re a Detective, the first and only front line when major crimes happen. You need every advantage possible to close quickly and solve cases.  Our narrative-based investigative reports give you relevant and specific information across five layers of intelligence starting from identities and locations and correlating with telephony and other device signaling and user profile markers.  Who was at the scene, were there witnesses, where are they now, can this information give me probable cause to move the investigation forward?  Cybercheck it.


In the ever evolving cyber security arena, Blue Team needs every advantage it can get these days. Virtually every attack today has its origin in deep and dark web staging areas. Can you see them? Does your team have any idea of the threats forming on the dark web specific to your organization?  Consuming traditional threat feeds and sharing indicators of compromise are not enough. You need the specific and actionable alerts that represent a clear and present danger. Stop sifting through volumes of threat intelligence alert data, take action and Cybercheck it.


“Cybercheck case analysis put the defendant at the scene, on the date, when child sexual abuse was occurring”

– Detective, City PD, Colorado

Illuminate the unknown. Cybercheck it